A Marathon for Mary Anne

Dear Running Gods,

If I sign up for and commit to training for another marathon this year however, this time for a charity will you in turn bless me with super human powers and allow me to kick some Heartbreak Hill rear end on April 18th?

Whats that you say.. we have a deal? Perfect Smile

Thank you!

Love Alyson

And with that .. I am officially signed up as a member of Team Livestrong for the 2011 ING NYC marathon on November 6, 2011.

As a I briefly mentioned the other day, I had a guest speaker come into one of my classes who road in the Journey To Hope with the Livestrong Foundation and I had some of those “AHHH ha!” goose bumpy moments and set out to see if I could somehow get involved.

The main driving force behind my desire to run for Team Livestrong however, is to embark on the fundraising journey in honour of my close friend and roommate’s mother Mary Anne who passed away in June 2010 after a 10 month battle with stomach and liver cancer. I have lived with Hillary for 3 years and she has become like a sister to me and it has been quite the heartbreaking journey to watch her experience the death of her mother at our young age. On the flip side of this, it has been very inspiring to witness the bravery and courage Hillary has brought to the situation and I have been looking for some way to honour her as well. Although a basketball superstar, Hill is not a huge running fan however, I have her full support and “together” we are going to raise as much money for cancer awareness as we possible can and run this marathon in honour of Mary Anne. I  will have much more to come on this mission after Boston however, if anyone is curious and would like to put the first dent in our $3,800 fundraising challenge, then venture over here to our work in progress fundraising website!

Due to the fact that it is after 11 and I was hoping to be in bed at 10, I am going to be that girl who simply lists her workout shows you a picture of the day’s main meals.. snacks not included!

On tap on the running front today was an easy 10km which featured double up and downs of both Glenridge and Burleigh Hills.. enjoyable.. no Garmin.. felt great!

Breakfast – Kashi with bananer, chia, flax and almond milk


Lunch – Salad Beast and gala


Dinner – Salad Beast


Dessert – Fruit and Greek yog


Now, I do have a question slash confession to make in terms of my eats today. This afternoon after coming home briefly from my seminar before heading into exile at our local coffee shop, I cut up the second cantaloupe and pineapple that I bought on sale on Tuesday. It’s now after 11pm and both the cantaloupe and pineapple are both 85% gone, and so is a clamshell of strawberries. To tally this up for you, I bought 2 cantaloupes, 2 cored pineapples and a clamshell of strawberries on Tuesday.. it is Thursday night and all of it is basically gone! DO I HAVE A PROBLEM??

I would love to hear your thoughts on my over indulgence in fruit and whether or not this is bad for my running!?

Also here is a great article for you fellow Boston runners out there.. TAPER TIME!

I am going to be discussing my taper plans in the next couple days and look forward hopefully getting some weigh in from you experts out there!

Have a fantastic Friday! I have a  full day with class, meetings, an interval class to teach, a lovely run with my  XC buddy Aless andddd the 2011 SPMA Pub Crawl!!

What are your weekend plans?


“It’s important to give it all while you have the chance”


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  1. This is so awesome Ally. You are amazing!!

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