Sistah Scrambles and Salad Beasts

It was yet another enjoyable day on the West Coast, a little rainy to start but the sun came out for the end of the day. On the workout front, I got in a lovely 10km run on the sea wall and nearly lost my life at the hand of a crazy Pilates instructor during my last day of a week membership to Exhale Studio. However, I did enjoy the class.. when it was over!

One of my favourite things about staying with my sis in her adorable bachelor suite downtown this holiday has been the opportunity I have had to cook for her and share some random and hopefully delicious healthy eats. She is teaching dance 6 days a week and is not a kitchen lover at the best of times, which was evident by her nearly bare cupboards and empty fridge I found upon my arrival. Throughout the last week, I have done my very best to inspire her in the kitchen, and whether or not it is actually working, I think she (well her belly) is enjoying the attempts!

I was so proud when I received this text from her when I was out spending the afternoon with some friends..

“I just found some chia seeds for $6.99 and flax seeds for $5.99. Is that good?”

Music to my ears, sistah!

Sistah Scramble

A very easy, tasty and satisfying lunch (or breakfast or dinner, for that matter).. especially for those on a budget!

Start by gathering up all the random veggies you can find, chop em’ up and heat in a frying pan with garlic, olive oil and some spices.


Spinach, onion, mushroom, brocc, egg whites, cheese


Skillet time..

Once the veggies are soft and fragrant, turn the heat to medium low and add your scrambled eggs (in this case, I used egg whites)..


Cook on medium low, scraping the sides of the pan frequently, until the eggs have cooked and everything is scrambled up… Once the eggs are cooked, sprinkle on your cheese and heat until melted through..


If you’re like me and like your eggs well done, pop the skillet under the broiler for a minute or two.. ** Note: When doing this make sure the handle is not in the oven or you may start a fire and damage your roommate’s beautiful Paderno frying pan.. not that I know from experience or anything!


Serve with toast, grab your sistah and enjoy!


Salad Beasts

What is a salad beast you ask? (For the record I stole this name from the amazing Fitnessista)

I will define it as “a salad on steroids which contains anything and all things nutritious and delicious”.

Tonight, our sistah salad beasts look a little something like this..


Spinach, onion, brocc, tomato, canned salmon, quinoa, roasted sweet pot and parsnip, black beans, tomato sauce (sissy has no dressing or balsamic vin.. sin I know!) and cheese…. BAM!

… Or shall I say ROOOOARRR!

Nighty nighty from the West Coast!

What’s your favourite thing to do for your siblings when visiting them!? Although I love to cook and shop… cleaning is a different story!

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