One Year Later…

HAPPY 2011!!

Last night at the Broadway Running room it felt oddly, but amazingly like the first day of a new school year, that is with the exception of age and planned out first day of school outfits! I couldn’t help but laugh at the excitement, hugs and flowing conversations that continued before, during and after a lovely 7km sea wall run.

Also, last night was extra special because it marked the “friendaversary” of the night Carolyn, Amelia and I met on the false creek seawall. After an awesome run, and celebration gathering with the Babe Patrol minus AF, I couldn’t help but be thankful for the decision I made one year ago and whatever it was that made me enter the doors of the Broadway Running Room.



Although I will not technically be in this winter’s marathon clinic (commuting from St Catharines would be a tiny bit difficult!), I will be absorbing Dave’s knowledge vicariously through the BP. Although I’m sad about this, I am looking forward to settling into my Boston training in St Catharines… that is if I ever get back there! I have decided, due the fact that Vancouver is amazing and playing house with my sissy is too much fun, I am not returning to Brock until Tuesday. This means I am so excited and grateful to have four more days to play, run and get my school work done in the city.

On that note, the sun is peaking through the clouds and the sea wall is calling my name!



Enjoy your day! Smile

PS: I am terribly sorry for my lack of blogging in the last um… almost two months! Due to exams, a California family vacation, Christmas and NYE excitement, and BP reunions.. I have struggled to find the mojo to write about it all. As always, I am now vowing to post on the regular and find the time to finally implement my ideas for this little bloggy. Wish me luck, and I would love to hear any thoughts, input or advice you have related to this endeavour!

“Let’s be grateful for those who give us happiness; they are the charming gardeners who make our soul bloom.” – Marcel Proust

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