A Week in Review

Happy Saturday Morning!

Am I the only one who feels like this has been one of those weeks that honestly feels like it was two days long!? The only thing that seems to support the fact that seven days did indeed go by this week is the abundance of delicious, nutritious food that has been consumed at 1208. Without further rambles, here are some highlights of the week!

Puffins with banana, cinnamon and chiaDSC04517

Egg Sandwich thin with mustard, spinach and tomatoDSC04549

Leftover homemade Spagehetti SquashDSC04520

Salad beast with hummus smothered sandwich thinDSC04521 

Fruit Salad.. my fav 🙂


Applesauce and pumpkin mess with nuts, cranberries and puffinsDSC04525

The last of my beloved Libby’s pumpkin.. Pumpkin oats!DSC04526

Salmon Sandwich thin with bright coloured veg and homemade hummusDSC04527                  

I also had a bit of a bake-a-thon on Thursday which resulted in a freshly packed bag of cookies for my boy E who lent me his bike and an awesome healthy treat to share with the ladies in my CAN FIT PRO Certification class. Stay tuned for the recipes 🙂


In other non edible news, this week was also one which featured some random but very enjoyable workout endeavours..The highlights:

I’m officially back on the yoga train and attended 3 awesome classes at my new studio Yoga By Sarah.. one of which was a Hot Groove Class with my friend Megan. Hot Groove is yoga but done to regular workout music and is the fastest and hardest flow class I have ever gone to.. and its in a hot room!

Thursday, the lovely Koalby and I did the spin/muscle strength combo class at Brock and despite getting my favourite Lulu sweater stolen (tears) and having a very un motivating  “trainer” for the strength portion, the class was great! I am going to attempt to keep doing spin 1-2 times per week as it is an awesome workout. Koalb and I were excitedly chatting the entire class as we have come up with what hopefully is going to be an amazing idea for the new year. All I will say is it involves 5 ambitious SPMA girls!

As far as running goes, this week was rather light however, this was my plan for the month of November. Basically, I am just running enough to maintain my base and when the month of Christmas is officially upon us I am going to turn the switch on for BOSTON!

I also had a great week on the educational front, as I presented my thesis to the SPMA faculty without stuttering and speeding through my words too fast.. Or so I was told!

The forecast for my weekend includes my final day of Can Fit Certification, locking myself in my room on a Saturday night to begin keep at studying for my marketing midterm Monday, and Sunday is going to be a RR morning with a Hatha class, an afternoon of studying with friends at Coffee Culture and then I will be hitting the hardwood (well, attempting to!) for my second night of bball intramurals.

Well, I just fuelled up with an old time favourite..

Overnight Oats! (1/3c. raw oats, 1/2 a naner, 1/3 c. almond mlik, cinnamon in an empty pb container – left in fridge overnight and topped with other 1/2 of naner, more cinnamon, chia and flax)

Looks yucky, tastes amazing!


And I’m off to learn how to teach resistance training!

What was the best thing you ate this week? Did you have any memorable or new to you workouts?

I am going to leave with this amazing quote that I stole from Gina at the Fitnessista (this girl is awesome, check her out here!)


Have an awesome weekend!


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  1. runlowdown

    That spaghetti squash was wicked! Alyson.. you eat well!

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