Why Didn’t I Invent Facebook?

Besides the fact I go to Brock U and not Harvard?

And why have I been MIA for the last however long after hyping up my return as a new and improved student blogger?

Argh, I really have no explanation!

However, tonight after watching the Social Network with my lovely friend Lisa (we had a sushi/movie date and its been determined Ontario sushi has nothing on BC Sushi, on Broadway that is!), I am feeling like its time I hop back on the train, yet again.

I also have something exciting to share running wise as this Sunday I am running the half marathon at The Road To Hope Marathon in Hamilton. This was suppose to be the last and fastest Boston Qualifying course in Canada, however as you may know the Boston Marathon is already sold out! Thank goodness I have a keener for a BP Leader and roomie, otherwise clearly I would’ve been on the wrong side of that equation!

As for the race Sunday, I am approaching it much like I approached the Goodlife Fitness Vancouver Half Marathon back in the beginning of October. Leave the Garmin behind and run as fast as you can for as long as you can and see what happens! I didn’t run out of steam in Victoria and I hope the same holds true for Sunday morning. It has been rather chilly around here and I hope the wind and rain sleep in and the course is nice and dry come the start time at 8:30am. I have been told the course is super flat and very much downhill for the second half, which sounds rather appealing to me.

Here are my goal times (3 of them, as per “The Master’s”advice!)

“Alyson You Rule The World” Goal– Sub 1:30:00

“Content With” Goal –  1:37:00, An “Official” NYC Qualifying Time (double loop and super glue timing chip, or maybe I should hold it in my hand to ensure it does not get lost?) ..Perhaps 2011 NYC Marathon will be a potential location for the North American unveiling of China’s Latest Running Phenom!?

“Oh Alyson, Running 5k’s for the last month hasn’t served you well.. please stop” Goal – Sub 1:40:00

Overall however, I am looking forward to Sunday as I miss running longer races and I am heading down to Hamilton tomorrow evening and spending the night/race day morning with some of my XC Buds, who despite running 33:00 10ks ( on XC courses.. wowzah) have never ran half marathons before. I am looking forward to seeing them dominate!

I’ll be back Sunday with a race report!

Have a great weekend 🙂

PS: Is it too late to aspire to go to Harvard!?


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2 responses to “Why Didn’t I Invent Facebook?

  1. Alan

    You will rule the world.

  2. you are sooooo going to do sub 130
    i am running a half tomorrow too! maybe i should leave my garmin home??? im too nervous!! and i think this is going to be a training run since i have not run this far in a long time- if only i was running sub 33 10kms like your homies haha and im tired. GOOD LUCK!!! I will be thinking about you oxxo

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