A year ago today I ran my very first half marathon in 1:53:24 at the 2009 Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon…


I clearly remember thinking 21km was extremely hard core and the thought of doing it over again seemed humanly impossible. However, after the race ( which as you can see I ran in four layers of clothes, a jacket, head warmer and gloves despite it being probably 12 degrees outside, with two iPods and completely naive to what a gel was or what the heck km pace meant!) I had this magical moment where I thought to myself.. “I want to run a marathon”..

Flash forward 6 and a half months, to the finish line of the 2010 Vancouver Marathon where my BP colleague Amelia and I embraced after running the 42.2 in sub 3:40:00 and despite my inability to walk.. I had another moment of inspirational mental lapse… BOSTON MARATHON!?ameliaal

Now here we are, October 18th..


Why is it that running always keep you coming back for more?..

6 months from today I will run the 2011 Boston Marathon 🙂

Stay tuned, you are sure to soon be sick of Boston related rambles.. although I will not officially start training until December..ish, I am going to be bold and throw out a goal time right from the get go… sub 3:25 in Boston!. But um Alyson you dreamer.. that is kind of outrageous don’t you think? Well in the words of China’s favourite Canadian..”what the mind believes the body achieves” .. All I can say is somebody better be in Boston to see if such words are actually the truth!

(Please note that I only feel comfortable disclosing my goals because I am well aware that my blog readership is rarely in the double digits on consecutive days!)

Meanwhile, back to reality..

Today I ran 40 minutes in the glorious sunshine with my XC buds Brianna, Aless and Natasha.. I don’t know what my average pace was or how far we went as I have put away my Garmin aka “portable computer” in the mocking words of my XC coach until the end of our season in a month.. I also did a 30 minute pool workout with the team in the morning.. it consisted of lengths, Alyson’s doggy paddle water running, and “one breath sprints”.

On the school front I had a lengthy meeting with my thesis advisor ( over lunch… amazing chicken, pecan and greens salad.. bonus! :)), which got the nerd half side of me all rallied up, a Canadian studies class (gotta love leaving context credits from first year to fourth year..) and a marketing presentation.

Tomorrow I am heading up to my 8 am class on foot which will be the first instalment of “Operation Run Everywhere”.. inspired by my favourite running guru.. as long as I  am healthy and the ground is not covered in snow.. I am going to be running everywhere for the next 6 months!

And that is probably enough running rambles for one night.. I hope you had a fabulous day! Sleep tight.

Al xo

"I feel that the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more." Jonas Salk

Does anyone else have upcoming race goals? Please share!


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4 responses to “BOSTON BABY!

  1. waa I am so jealous!! 😦 I KNOW you can go sub 3:25. Go get em tiger. NEXT YEAR!!!! I am scared they are going to lower the standards. Gotta get my booty in gear!!!!
    PS: love being on the net in class 😉 hehe

  2. Dave

    We miss your enthusiasm in Vancouver, but I’m so happy you’re heading to Boston. Sub-3:25? Ummm… in your sleep. After a 1:31 half, I don’t want to say you’re setting your sights too low, but girlfriend, you’re setting your sights too low. Go Alyson!

  3. Dear Running Gods,

    Does it make me a selfish bastard if the first thing that came into my head after reading Alyson’s post and her XC training + pool work outs + “Operation Run Everywhere” is that I better start my training soon, or else I am going to be “chicked” by her in Boston? I sure hope I will get a chance to see her, you know … just to check out the competition, before Boston!

    Probable Selfish Bastard.

  4. Evelyn

    wow, alycat!! you have been busy and your energy and enthusiasm for running, for cooking, for everything is amazing and really inspirational!! keep it up 🙂 see you xmas- we need to figure out a run? santa shuffle?

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