Keeping Promises and Falling in Love

… with yoga that is!

 Sorry for the corn ball title, but today has turned out to be a great day! It didn’t start out too swell however as I did the “close eyes after alarm goes off” move which resulted in me frantically waking up at 4:05 and rushing out the door to grab a taxi to get to work by 4:30. No, I did not plan this so I didnt have to run this morning, however maybe the devil inside me did! haha

 Work flew by today ( hooorray for last day of 3:30 wake ups!), I stopped at WF for a few things on my way home ( PB, bulk quinoa and buckwheat, canned pumpkin) and then made this yummy lunch when I got in the door…


Spinach, tuna, roasted sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red onion, red pepper, raisins and a few olives… mmmmm!

I then attacked the bag of cherries in my fridge ( bought yesterday gone today!) and headed off for some zzz’s hoping that they would bring me the motivation to get up and hammer out the long run I promised myself that I would do today! After sleeping for a bit I woke up groggy but rested and decided to get my butt in gear sooner rather than later, and by 4:30 I was out the door. I was so delighted that the weather turned around ( must’ve been fate) and when I first got the legs going I was actually rather hot! The plan was to head out to the anchor near Jericho beach as this was the route that the clinic ran yesterday while I was being tooo lazy we were in Squamish.. However, after running about 5 km I suddenly realized I was already at the anchor. Yes the idea of turning around and calling it a day because I had got to the magical anchor crossed my mind but I kicked it quickly and came up with a seat of the pants route which turned out to be rather enjoyable.

I headed a little past the anchor until I ran out of road and then I turned around and ran back along Point Grey Rd until Kits point, I then took a stroll down memory lane and did the Kits point loop to Creekside which was some the crappiest funnest part of the BMO Marathon in May, ran over Burrard and turned left onto Beach Ave and ran the last half of the RR route to the Denman store, hit the sea wall and finally trekked up Granville Street to the gym. The last few km felt awesome, my legs were definitely loving me for giving them some rest 🙂 It felt great to finish a run this long all by myself ( St. Catharines here we come!) but I certainly missed the company of my running peeps!

 Garmin stats from today’s solo adventure run:

 Distance: 20.01km   ** plus another 1.5ish km before my satellites would get into gear = 21.5 km  and  an extra 3.35 km as a recovery en route home ( not included in stats)

 Time: 1:44:22

Average: 5:14km

Cals: 1435     

Total km (approx) : 24.85 km

I arrived at the gym in time to gulp down some water and the it was into the yoga room for a date with the amazing yogi Andrew a 45 minute Flow class. This was my 8th class since I started my goal of 15 before August 31st and I think it was the most enjoyable yet. It could have been due to the fact that I was on a high from actually completing and enjoying my solo run, but I am also finally starting to feel like my body is adapting to each practice and I am seeing some exciting improvements..

For example, I can now sort of get onto both hands in crow posture, a week ago just bending down low enough to get my thighs on my upper arms was painful! I still have a loooonnggg way to go before I am not an embarrassment to yogis around the world but its safe to say I am starting to fall in love with yoga! I guess only time will tell if its lust or the real thing!

Crow Posture

Please note I do not look at all like this while attempting this pose! For a visual of me, picture arms very bent, body an inch or so off the ground and balancing point falling forward in danger of face plant! 

After yoga I did a little recovery runage over the Granville Street bridge ( amazing sunset, wish my Garmin had a camera!) and then hopped on the B-Line which was calling my name on Granville Street.. Once I got home, I caught up with the roomies who were in Tofino this weekend ( luuckky!), had a turbo shower and then blended up this lovely Green Monster fella.. 

 Almond milk, spinach, bananer, 1/2  a peach, frozen raspberries, ground flax, Vega Smoothie Infusion, chia seeds.. topped with raw oatmeal and a cinnamon sprinkle

BAMMMMMM! It’s now time to get to sleep so tomorrow can be a fabulous and productive day off! 🙂

I have something brewing in both the fridge and freezer for breaky in the am… stay tuned 😉


The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest, and air
Exercise and diet.
These six will gladly you attend
If only you are willing
Your mind they’ll ease
Your will they’ll mend
And charge you not a shilling.
~Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990




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