Ultra Marathon + Me = Never!

Actually as it turns out on this lovely rainy Vancouver Sunday 19km + me = never!

I hope you all had a great Sunday and were a little more productive on the excercise front than I! For the first time since January, I spent a work less Sunday in the Vancouver area without going for a Sunday morning run at the RR.. And I am still alive, no harm done!

Today was an awesome day filled with adventure, inspiration and a lot of admiration! The running gals ( Amelia, Andrea, Carolyn, Evelyn) and the running boy (Alan) headed up to beautiful Squamish to watch our fearless leader Dave run the Stormy 50 Miler.. and it was definetly a sight to be seen! This was my first real life experience at a ultra marathon or authentic trail race and as such I spent most of the day in awe of the runners and their nut bar ways! Of course Dave did fantastic, angry hip and all and we were fortunate enough to see him at two different points along his 8 hour journey as well as at the finish line. Luckily enough the weather held out for the runners and the few spectators en route and the day was a great success 🙂

After we saw Dave cross the finish line we headed into the sleepy but cute downtown Squamish area in search of some yummy eats ( yes we may have missed the physical running aspect of our usual Sunday routine, but there was no way the eating part was going to be affected!)..  Being a Sunday afternoon the choices of open restaurants were limited however we found the Zepher Cafe, a very cute and trendy little cafe that featured many vegetarian and vegan options with fresh and authentic ingredients. It reminded me a little of a trendier, more modern version of the Naam, with a menu full of homemade burgers, wraps, bowls and fresh coffee and teas.

I decided to go with the vegetarian wrap which was grilled and filled with carrots, beets, tofu, goats cheese, greens and some delicious homemade sauces. I was very happy with my choice however next time I would get it without the goats cheese as the powerful creamy texture was a little much for me and took away from the awesome vegetables inside… I ate it rather fast!

After lunch we headed back in our vehicle convoy to the city and once I got home I did some tidying up and got my massive pile of laundry underway. My plan was to get my ducks in a row and then get in the 19km that I missed this morning, however as I alluded to earlier this simply did not happen! I do feel slightly guilty for not having the motivation to just knock off the run, especially because yesterday I was also a slacker and got my nails done instead of getting my booty onto the seawall! However, I have had a great last couple weeks distance wise and the extra 20 km I did last week before 4:30 am each morning was my excuse for allowing myself to stay inside, fold and put away my laundry, get some fresh fruit and veg and hit the hay at a decent hour! Tomorrow I will be up for the last time at 3:30 and heading for work and then in the evening I will most certainly be heading out in some direction to knock off a 20 km long and slow run… promise 🙂

I just finished eating this rather random but super yummy dinner consisting of roasted sweet potatoes, cherries, carrots and an apple with pb sprinkled with raisins and raw oatmeal… and now I am going to hit the shower and then the sheets!

Goooooood night!

Every man is the builder of a temple called his body. … ( And tonight, this temple was not running!)
Henry David Thoreau


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3 responses to “Ultra Marathon + Me = Never!

  1. Dave

    Never say never. 😉

    Thanks for being out there yesterday and for bringing all your friends! It’s a whole lot easier to focus on finishing when you know there’s such a supportive group waiting at the finish line!

    Dave (and his angry hip)

  2. Evelyn

    you are still keeping up with the amazing blogs about food & with the pics to boot. so proud of you for getting out the door to do your long run. you and your blogs about solo runs and yoga make me feel lazy. way to go, girl!!

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