Pink Nails and Puddles

Happy Saturday!

How is everyone enjoying the lovely summer rain!? As much as it sucked having to cart a unbrella around today, it is a bit refreshing to have a drizzly day.. as long as it is over by tomorrow! And the yucky weather also gave me an excuse to turn my planned “Super Saturday” into,, “Sleepy Saturday” 🙂

I woke up early this morning ( thank goodness I didn’t drink a lot last night!) and had a conference call with my thesis advisor for next year and another professor we are going to be working with. Although I have been dreading the whole move back to Ontario business, after I got off the phone the nerd inside of me got a little excited to be heading back to school! It is about time, however I just wish I could take my Ontario life, friends, appt and place it in Kitsilano.. then I’d live happily ever after! haha

After my phone call I got on the bus and trekked through the puddles to an early morning yoga class. I am very proud of myself as this exact class last week was my rebirth into the world of yoga and since then (including that class and todays) I have gone to yoga 7 times! I am totally enjoying it, my legs are loving the extra stretching and TLC and the zen yoga tude” definitely helped me get through my super early shifts last week. If I can keep it up, I should be able to meet and exceed my 15 yoga classes before August 31 goal.

After yoga I had a bit of a break before bootcamp class so I took the opportunity to float over to Whole Foods for a quick relax and snackage. I got my usual Vegan Supa muffin, however today I wasn’t feeling it’s greatness.. I ate the top part and tucked the rest away for later but eventually ended up giving it to a homeless man on Granville Street ( see yoga is making me nice!)  When I got back to the gym, I had a good but rather short workout ( only 50 min class) and then headed to Broadway to get a cheap manicure!! 🙂 After yoga I decided that today was just not the day for my long run, or anything super energy taking ( I am still sleepy from the week!) so I rewarded myself by getting some awesome pink nails, which definitely stand out on a gloomy day like today! Unfortunately, my camera is at Andrea‘s house from our super fun old school music rendezvous last night so I can’t show you a picture just yet!

I finally arrived home and made a quick bite to eat… in the form of Banana Magic! It’s all i really wanted so it’s what I got!.. I blended 2 bananers in the food processor, added one decent size spoonful of pb and some chia seeds. I was trying to make it somewhat healthy/lunchable so I added a few spoonfuls of raw oats on top and sprinkled with cinnamon.. It was heavenly ( no camera for picture.. sorrry!) I also had a slice of Silverhills flax bread with leftover homemade hummus and avocado… I wish puree bananas and peanut butter would shut my grumbling tummy up but no such luck!

Right now I am curled up in my bed, with the rain falling outside and I feel like its November but I’m totally content! I am going to try to get some cat nap action going on for the next hour or so and then I am going to get myself in the mindset for a light dinner and get ready to leave for work by 8ish.. I will be working New Ad at a pub downtown until 12:30 then coming home, catching some zzzz’s and then heading up to Squamish with the running crew to watch our fearless leader dominate the competition at the Stormy 50 Miler

I was really hoping to get my mileage in today so I could go up to Squamish tomorrow worry free but it just wasn’t happening. No worries, the new plan is to get in the 19 or so km the schedule calls for tomorrow evening when hopefully the rain has left us!

Eyes are starting to close….. 😛

Have an awesome Saturday night 🙂

“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside”      – Mr. Yoga

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