Grindin’ with Jordo

Grouse Grindin’ that is!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thursday/Friday, where has the week gone!? Hoooray for the weekend, booo for time in Vancouver going to fast! The last 48 hours have been very busy, exciting and fun for me as I have been eating and adventuring around the city with the “Los Chica” aka Jordan!

She arrived after my early shift on Wednesday and after showing her my cute little Kits pad we embarked on our trek out to North Vancouver to hit up the Grouse Grind!

The Grouse Grind is a 2.6km tail that is famous for being Vancouver’s “outdoor stairmaster”! I havent done the Grind yet this year and was very excited to experience it in all its glory. Our plan was to enjoy the scenic death march hike and get in a good workout without killing ourselves. Due to our lack of technology we had no way of knowing how long it took us! Looks like I’m going to have to head back again soon! The hike was awesome though, very tough at first ( at the 1/4 way mark was like “whhhattt iss thisss!”) but got easier as we climbed up. We took a few quick breathers and enjoyed the amazing Vancouver scenery, which unfortunatley was covered in smog due to the crazy interior forest fires, so no good beauty shots could be taken.

Except this one of course! 😉

Once we reached the top ( horrray!) we quickly grabbed water which we got in a combo with our lift tickets back down the mountain ( $12.00… booo, used to be $5.. but we did get a free water with it!) and headed up to the pub/restaurant at the top of the mounatin for a cold beer! Usually I am not a beer drinker except for some reason yesterday its exactly what I craved.. thanks GIB tastings!

After we drank less than half of each of our halves finished our beer we took the very pretty gondola ride down the mountain and trecked back to the city ( bus from Grouse to Lonsdale, Seabus to waterfront, Canada Line to Broadway). Once we reached the skytrain we both knew that we were not in the mood for going all the way to the Naam as planned and with the glorious lights of Whole Foods in sight when we got to the street we had salad bar on the mind..

And capped off a fabulous adventure filled day with..

WF Gelato! I rolled with a raspberry/chocolate and Jordan a vanilla/strawberry combo… mmmm!

Once we got home it was straight to sleep as I was up again and running to work at 4 am Thursday morning..

Work Thursday went by quickly and after work Jordan came to the gym and we went on a brief shopping adventure before finally hitting up the Naam ( and skipping yoga in the process.. tummy growls won us over!).. OMG, I cannot believe I waited so long to go to this well known place. Our food was fabulous ( no pics unfortunately!), I had a vegetarian burito wrap with tofu, rice, vegetables and penut sauce which was literally the size of an enourmous diner plate! I only managed to eat 1/3 of the wrap along with the awesome salad it came with and the rest would eventually go on to feed both Jordan and I for dinner! Jordan ordered the Naam veggie burger which she said was delicious!

After our feast I headed home to sleep off my food baby ( the early mornings have officially got to me!) and Jordan went on a little solo shopping adventure. After my cat nap, we headed up to the RR and I set out and somehow completed 8 hills with the marathon clinic and Jordan headed out on a nice sea wall run by herself.

The night then flew by rather quickly and ended in fantastic banana magic fashion.. too good for pictures, was demolished before camera was turned on! This morning I got my rear end out of bed again and headed to the gym ( second last day of early mornings woot woot!) for work, which again went by real fast. Jordan met me downtown again and we did a little shopping before heading back to the gym for yoga ( Day 6 this week!)..  After yoga it was off to Capers for salad bar, Kambucha and power cookies before Jordan had to head on the Horseshoe Bay Ferry bound bus and leave me to walk back home and hit the hay!

I am going to get in a little shut eye before getting up to shower and get ready to head to Andrea’s for a rendevous night out with the running chicas!

Must get sleeeeeeep!..

See you tommorow.. I’ve got an awesome “Super Saturday” planned! 🙂

This Week’s Work Out Summary (so far..)

Monday – running rest day.. 90 min yoga class

Tuesday – 5km to gym, corporate crunch bootcamp, 45 min yoga, 6km “tempo” w/ Amelia – total approx 11km

Wednesday – 5km to work, 45 min yoga, Grouse Grind w/ Jordan

Thursday – 5km to work, 11.57 km (hills) with clinic – total approx 16.57km

Friday – 5 km to work, 45 min yoga class, d-floor at Library Square!!!!!

To accomplish great things, it takes unusual courage. “No great art has ever been made without the artist having known danger” (Rilke)

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