Weekend at a Glance :)

Helllo there.. happy Sunday evening! Yay for those who do not have to work tommorow, or yay for those of us who do ( but will be getting paid time and a half!)… another great reason to call BC home.. I think so!

This weekend went by like the rest of life these days.. tooo darn fast! I did manage to get some rest for the legs on Friday/Saturday.. Friday my only workout was an easy (and sleepy!) 5km to work and then Saturday I walked to and from an awesome yoga class! I have made myself an August goal of going to 15 yoga classes before I head to Ontario.. As I have mentioned before, I have a volitile love/hate relationship with yoga however as I only have one month left of free useage at a fabulous gym, I figure better turn on the looooveee! So far I have gone to two 90 minute classes (yesterday and today!) and enjoyed them both..

Today being Sunday it was another awesome run morning at the RR… On today’s agenda was an out and back to the Richmond Olympic Oval.. my old stomping grounds!  The run was rather enoyable for the first two hours, however the last couple kilometres weren’t exactly a cup of tea ( I guess that is to be expected when you are alone with the speedy Dave and Amelia running up hill towards the store… ohhh geez! haha), however I got through them and felt awesome at the end.

Garm stats from today:

Time:  2:22:33     Distance: 26.57km     Avg: 5:22 km     Cals 1872

After the run Amelia, Andrea and I headed down to the Gay Pride Parade which was happening on Robson Street.. If I were to sum up the experience in one word it would be.. shocking, hillarious and entertainingly frightening.. okay thats four words but you get the idea! It was awesome to expereince a true Vancouver tradition, if I do go again in the future I will probably bring a chair and avoid eating a vegan maple carrot muffin from Capers while watching it.. my tummy wasn’t too thrilled!

After the parade I headed to the gymski to attend yoga class numero deux.. the 90 min class went by rather fast and although my muscles were sore from the run it felt great to stretch everything out and get the zen vibe going on! On my way home from the gym I scooped up 6 Lara bars for $10 from London Drugs… (thanks Amelia for the tip;) and made this yummy dins upon arrival..

Chicken breast topped with avocado, tomato and basil salsa on a bed of quinoa served with raw carrots and edamame 🙂

Tonight I am going to take it very easy, have a bath and perhaps finally watch some Entourage online… Oh and eat banana magic with enormous amounts of Chocolate Dreams PB as well… Is it sad that I am super excited to do this!?

Here is a recap of the past week’s runningness.. probably my biggest ever and so far it feels good:)

Monday – 16km at home with Dad

Tuesday – 7km at UBC track with Amelia

Wednesday- 10k to Denman Store with RR

Thursday – 5km to work and 12 km hills with RR

Friday – 5 km to work

Saturday – RUN FREE :).. yoga

Sunday – 26 km with RR plus yoga

Total km (approx): 81

I hope you all have a relaxing evening and enjoy your Monday off 🙂

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