Back to the Mainland and Healthinomical Soup

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Hard to believe its hump day already…

I had a fabulous trip home to the island which included lots of catch up time with friends and fam, a trip to the river, the local bar and so on and so on.. oh yes and tons of Dad bbq’d fresh caught salmon.. OMMMGGG good!


I love my cute little hometown ( for about a day or two!) but I was excited to get back to Vancouver as I only have on month left here 😦

On my trip home I managed to get in quite a few clicks on the sneaks, at a very slow pace but steady and fun as I ran with older and wiser runners ( ie. the faja!)..

Here are my totals for the weekend ( Approx. only as Garm wasn’t feeling the Ctown satellite scene!)

Saturday – 8.52 km     52:02     6:09 avg     603 cal

Sunday – 18.09km     1:52:31   6:13 avg      1280 cal

Monday – 15.92 km    1:35:29    6:00 avg    1137 cal

Total km for the weekend : 42.53

It was awesome to get in some great long and very slow runs ( did kinda feel weird on the legs though) however when I woke up in Vancouver on Tuesday I knew I had to meet up with the speedy Amelia and do some speed compensation on the track!

Despite the heat ( which was actually a little breezy and quite lovely!) and our eagerness to catch up on life, running, what we’ve eaten, the weekend etc we managed to hack out a fairly decent track workout! I say fairly decent by my standards as this was my first time at the UBC track, I’m sure if Alan was there, he would’ve a) laughed at us or b) just left.. haha  But here is what we did ( with huge, amazing walk laps in between!)

10 min warm up – 400m – 600m -800m -1000m -1000m -400m -5x 100m – AMAZING barefoot lap around track!

Garm total ( not including walk laps) : 6.36km    27:05     4:16 avg     434 cal

** Next track workout, I will actually set my watch properly and know the times of my laps.. this was just a warm up!

Overall I enjoyed chasing after Amelias little behind my first first track workout and I hope I get an invite back to next track Tues!:)

The rest of Tuesday was spent getting ready for worksi and going to worksi! Earlier in the day I managed to make some awesome “Power Soup”, which not only is super “healthinomical” ( my new word, it means healthy + economical!) it also tastes awesome.. Stay tuned for the recipe! Here is a sneak peak of what she looks like.. now can somebody please tell me how you take an appetizing picture of homemade soup in a giant pot.. I think it may be impossible!

Healthinomical Power Soup with veg stock, diced toms, lentils, kale, chick peas, carrot, celery, onion and spices

Apres track and before heading to the gym for work I munched on a lovely homemade smoothie which had almond milk, kale, banana, frozen bluebs and raspberries, 1 scoop Vega Smoothie Infusion, flax seeds and a splash of hemp oil aswell as three ants on a log ( yay flashback to childhood!) aka 3 slices of celery with pb, raisins and flax seeds

Work was rather uneventful but not unenjoyable however I did start feeling sick throughout my shift.. You know that feeling when you can tell you are getting a cold.. sore throat, body aches, hot and cold temperature swings… it was not good and I wished I could do something to kick it! I had some of my homemade soup and wasa crackers for dinner and some peppermint tea with honey which helped a little but when I woke up at 5:30 to run to boot camp this morning I knew going would be a bad idea. So instead I went back to sleep ( I work at 4:30 am tomorrow!) and woke up a few hours later to this bowl of magic..

Plain banana magic ( just frozen bananers whirled in a food processor) topped with strawbs, sliced dates, flax seeds and almonds.. If this wont cure a cold.. I’m not sure what will!

Well maybe the orange I had with it!… 😉

The plan for the rest of the day is to get some school organization started finished, collect a pay check and hit the beach to sleep off my sickness in time to hit up the RR at 6:00 for Run Club..

Have a wonderful day!

Question: What is your favorite “healthinonmical recipe!? Lets hear em!

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One response to “Back to the Mainland and Healthinomical Soup

  1. haha- nice post sistah
    we actually did go over everything we ate all weekend during our run. Why are we so weird!?
    See you Tues? I say we double the walk- breaks 😉

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