Week 7 Marathon Clinic and Homeward Bound


I’m going to make this short and sweet as I need to get my rear end in gear and pack everything for my trip home this weekend! Woot woot! I am so excited to head back to the lovely CV, despite a brief stint at x-mas where I did not leave the mountain, it has been over a year since I have been back…. CRAZY! Where has the time gone seriously!.. I am so looking forward to a three day weekend catching up with old friends and seeing my amazing G-ma!.. I just gotta get through packing ( my least favorite part of going away…), am booty camp, a day at the gym aka. work and then the ferry trip.

Today was a great day, work free and Week 7 of the Summer Marathon Clinic.. 6 reps of hills were in store. I finished them, it wasn’t that enjoyable of an experience but it wasn’t too pianful either! I did have an awful banana/oatmeal cookie food baby going on, which probably shouldve been avoided! But nonetheless, here are the Garm stats from week 7 ( again he was being difficult and wouldn’t load in time.. I am guessing another 2km should be added on to the total for the evening)

Distance: 7.78km ( + 2 more approx = 9.78km)

6 hill reps @ 5:09 km average 

Earlier today I had a nice little hill appy in the form of a gymski run, bootcamp and run/walk home sesh.. It was a beautiful Vancouver day and I was glad to get in the extra clicks as well as experience the afternoon bootcamp class versus my normal am one.. the instructor Tim was hillarious and I had an awesome, challenging workout!

Garm Stats from gym run:

Time: 42:00     Distance: 7.55km    Avg: 5:34km     Cals: 530

Total Distance for today: 17.3 km (approx) and booty camp 🙂

As far as eats are concerned I started the day off with this lovley bowl of steel cut oats, with bluebies and a banana

Before I hit the gym I had these rice cakes with salsa, kale, avocado, cuke, chick peas, mustard and siracha.. very tasty but very hard to eat!

Apres work out I munched on a nectarine, some roasted beets and a piece of Silverhills flax toast with PB;).. I also made a really yummy and refreshing post workout magic bullet slushie with ice, water, a splash of lemonade and a sprinkle of gu electrolight recovery drink.. twas delicious!

Before heading out to the clinic I had the wonderful idea of getting started on the baking I have been saving for today! The plan was to bake some sugarless pb/oatmeal/banana “cookies” and some vegan morning glory muffins to bring to Gma 🙂 Of course one thing led to another and I ended up eating a gross amount of the banana cookie dough before heading for hills… NOT A WISE IDEA! By the end of the run I was telling everyone that I am putting myself on a baking ban.. however, as per usual late last about 25 minutes as I stopped in at the IGA with Carolyn on my way home and picked up ingredients for the lovely muffins I just made!;) I dont do bans, they make be go crazy!

I am likely going to be blog MIA for the weekend, but will be back Monday with the highlights as well as the baking recipes from today.

Have a marvelous weekend 🙂

Change is the essence of life.Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.

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