Weekend Recap and The GREATEST Way to Eat a Banana!

Happy Monday Morning!!

Before I get into a recap of the latest on-goings including our first week of hills, Summerslow, and an awesome “Summer” run… I have to share what I just ate with you.. it may have changed the way I look at my already very beloved pal.. the Banana!

Yesterday, while I was reading blogs hard at work at the gym I came across this very intriguing recipe for “Banana Soft Serve” on a rather promising blog  (http://www.choosingraw.com) via Healthy Tipping Point.. http://www.choosingraw.com/this-post-will-change-your-life/… The name of the post says it all.. Yes I think my life has been changed!

Before heading to bed last night I chopped up 2 soft bananers, bagged them in a zippy bag and tossed them in the freezer overnight. After boot camp with turbo Kate this morning, I came home and threw the bananas in my food processor for a few mins.. As a girl who ate deluxe and delicious frozen yogurt everyday while in New York last week, I was very skeptical that this was actually going to be good.. myyy I was wrong! The bananers creamed up and were just like a smooth fro yo! After a couple mins in the processor I added a tbs of penut butter to the bowl ( I mean come on, we all know no bananer is truly happy without some pb by its side!;).. and then blended for another minute or so.. SOOOOOO GOOOOD! And healthy enough for a summer am breaky!.. Maybe minus the crack pb.. but whateva! This is what she looked like..

And I ate the bowl ( and the probably 5 spoonfuls I wolfed down before the camera came out) in about 30 seconds flat.. Seriously.. amazing! And soo much cheaper than buying actual fro yo.. and wayy healthier!:) I think I am going to be eating this everyday for the rest of summer!

As I was hunggryy from getting my booty kicked.. I also had this lovely bowl which consisted of 1/2 c. cooked quinoa, fresh raspberries and bluebies ( which I got for a screeeeaming deal downtown yesterday!), flaxy seeds, agave drizzle and splash of almond milk.. yumm yumm!

Now for the weekend recap… Lets flash back to Thursday night, which was our first night of hills in the marathon clinic ( we are already in week 6.. OMG, why does time go by so fast when you are ollllldddd!;) haha)

I must say the 5 reps we did on the 29th St. hill were very tough.. and the thought that I confidently did 11 reps of this same slope at the end of the last clinic is a little depressing.. but I survived nonetheless!

Garm Stats for Hills #1:

Time: 47:36     Distance: 8.93 km     Avg: 5:20     Cals: 626

Total Hill Reps = 5

Next, let’s go to Saturday where I put forth an award wining performance at SUMMERSLOW 2010…  That is sarcasm for sucking wind at the 2010 Summerfast 10km Race in Stanley Park.. Maybe it was the week of eating and drinking my face off in NYC the week before, or the heat or maybe just me.. but once I reached the 2km mark, I knew the race wasnt going to be much of a race at all! I did manage to complete the race without walking ( which was a challenge!), and despite being passed by a barefoot runner with a shirt reading “Shoe sponsor wanted”.. I made it to the finish line in just under 47:00.. booo.. that’s almost three minutes slower than I ran at the UBC 10km last month 😦 … I think the only way I am going to move on is just do exactly that. A yummy post race salad and sample feast at Capers with the lovley Amelia ( who rocked out a hungover PB in the 41:00 range, and won herself a beautiful gold medal!) and Carolyn ( who hated the run like me yayyy! however, she has a legit excuse as she is a MCAT machine these days. soo proud!:) ..and Ken their turbo friend (hopefully soon to be mine too so I can get faster! haha), did some wonders too!.. In any case, lets flash to Sunday which was a much better running day that Saturday.. thank goodness! 🙂

I had an awesome summer Sunday run with a new member of our clinic who is ironically named Summer! We ran a nice loop around the sea wall and even went a little extra due to our lack of instruction following skills and just overall good rythmn we had going on.. She is soon to become a doctor and I got to hear all her grown up stories about med school and marrying her husband and their life in Vancouver.. I felt like a starry-eyed little girl.. it was awesome!

Garm Stats for Sunday:

Time: 1:50:11     Distance: 20.04 km     Avg: 5:30km     Cals: 1419

After the lovely run in the sun our ever-expanding brunch club headed to the Regal Begal for some cheap breaky eats… I didn’t have to work till later in the afternoon so it was a long and relaxing brunch this week.. clearly the best part of running!

Now I best be going as I just got called into work at the gym today because somebody called in sick.. this is probably a good thing considering I need to be working more now that I dropped my main income job and I am sunburnt already so the beach wouldn’t have been too good for the skinny skin skin!

Be back tonight with an overview of the week ahead!

Have a wonderful day! 🙂

Some “food for thought”:…. 

The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.” Charles R. Swindoll


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