Magical Monday.. and More Naner Goodness!

Good Evening!

My oh my.. today turned out nothing like I had planned when I woke up this morning but it was a fabulous day nonetheless! After getting up early and silencing the voice in my head that was telling me to go back to sleep, I compromised with this devilish influence and got up to go to 6:30am boot camp.. but took the bus verses trekking down the 5 km to the gym on hoof.. Class was booty kicking as always.. the instructor Kate is kinda like my idol..  jacked, lean and super nice! … I mean that in the least creepiest way haha.. Anywho.. after boot camp I bused home and ate the amazing banana breaky that I discussed earlier and started planning how I was going to spend the morning getting all my ducks in a row ( banking, phoning Brock, folding laundry, cleaning house etc etc etc..) but then somewhat saved by the text bell.. I was called into work at the gym! I was thrown for a loop but eager for the extra hours so I quickly showered and packed this lunchy before heading out for the long day ahead..

The day at work went by rather uneventfully, and lucky for moi around 5:30 it was really dead and there were three other girls on so I got to scoot out early.. It was a beautiful night out and I had been thinking about hitting the sea wall all day, so I set out to do just that with the goal for perhaps running 8-10km at a very easy pace and then getting back in time for a 7:00 yoga class… If only I knew what I was really going to end up doing!….

17km and 1 hr 34 mins later I was hugging the lovely Andrea goodbye at the Burrard St bridge and trekking back up to the gym with water in my shoes, sand between my toes and a big smile on my face.!I don’t know what it was about this magical Monday run ( I think it had to do with the banana goodness this morning!) but it was amazing, perhaps one of my best running experiences to date. I got on the sea wall and although my legs ( especially my claves) were really tight and rather sore, I just felt amazing running today! I was going a very slow pace but before I knew it I had reached about 10km.. and since my love hate relationship with yoga is leaning towards the hate side of things these days, I was happy for the excuse to miss my scheduled yoga class and keep on running! The sun was out but the wind was cool, the sea wall was not too packed and the beautiful Vancouver skyline glistened in the clear horizon.. seriously, I felt like I was in a dream running on this picture perfect trail with no end in sight.. Ahhhh, I just get smiles thinking about it! Funny, because this was the exact route that I covered on Saturday during the 10km, and I was cursing the prettiness because I felt so crappy! I don’t know what it was that made today feel so good, but I embraced it as much as I could and told myself to enjoy the ride because in a couple of months from now when I am trekking down Glenridge Ave in St Catharines I am going to wish I was running the picture perfect sea wall in the best city on Earth!!…. And despite my enjoyment, little did I know that the best part of the run was yet to come!….

Once I’d passed second beach pool and dodged my way through the pot smokers and street actors in English Bay I was running along when I saw a girl in a 2010 BMO Marathon shirt.. and wouldn’t you know it was my long-lost running buddy Andrea!!! I had been thinking about her this morning when I was writing my earlier blog post as she has been MIA the last few runs due to IT Band problems.. However she was looking as fast as ever today and I took the opportunity to further enjoy my now lengthy evening run and picked up her lead for another 2km stretch back to 2nd beach pool and back again to the Bridge.. After we caught up on our recent travels, we came up with the glorious idea of stopping our run before the Burrard bridge and going for a wade in the ocean!.. I only went into my thighs but it was soo refreshing and not too chilly… the perfect ending to a perfect run and a great day! ( and the best part of the day is still to come!…)

Garm Stats from Magical Monday

** Mr. Garm was being sensitive today and wouldn’t load satellites until I had run at least 2.5 km.. so everything is a little off.. especially distance and avg

Time: 1:34:47     Distance: 15.2 km ( + 2.5km for a total of approx 17.7 km)     Avg: 6:14 (**this is wrong, probably between 5:35 and 5:45)    Cals: 1074

After rinsing off my feet and putting my sneaks back on I headed back to the gym, grabbed my stuff (including my unused yoga mat!) and headed to Whole Foods at Cambie for dinner! I had an amazing salad with greens, cabbage, peas, beets, quinoa, chick peas, balsamic and smoked salmon! I had been looking forward to cooking dinner tonight all day, however after my lengthy run adventure I just wanted to eat right then and there and I am enjoying Vancouver treats such as WF while I still can! I then headed home and ended off my glorious eating and running day with…..yup you guessed it…

MORE BANANER GOODNESS!!!! I used up the other half of the bananas I froze last night, except this time I added in not just a spoonful of PB ( and three for me from the jar!), but also a handful of dark chocolate covered espresso beans!! ( This could be a contributing factor towards all both the length and frequency of exclamation points throughout this post!).. Simply amazing.. I ate it too fast that taking a picture was not an option…

Now I must head and channel my run infused banana induced happy energy and get some organizing done around here before I hit the hay.. gymski at 7:00 am tomorrow.. so see you tomorrow evening!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 🙂


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2 responses to “Magical Monday.. and More Naner Goodness!

  1. ahhh 17km on a Monday after a Sunday long run- you go gfffffffffffffffff
    I dont think I will be doing speed work today but will keep you posted

  2. It was so great to run into you yesterday. Our little dip in the ocean made my day! I tried to make banana soft serve in my blender and it totally didn’t work. Must buy a food processor. See you tomorrow!

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