New York State of Mind

Hellllooo! Well, I am back from the Big Apple and although I had a fantastic trip ( which was wayyy too short!), I am very excited to be back in lovely, cute Vancouver! It was awesome to celebrate my coming of oldness with my sissy, as well as the wide array of Courtenay folk I ran into!.. Who would’ve thought during our days at Vanier that one day we would all reunite at a bowling alley in Brooklyn? Life sure is unpredictable..

Comox Valley in NYC!

The trip consisted of very little running and mucho eating, which was amazing! However, on Saturday, Carolyn, Chase and I ran the 10km Splash and Dash in Central park, and it was so much fun..

I was sad that my bib said 21/F... Noooooo!

 Sorry sister for almost killing you! I must say the ballerina held up very well considering it was over 30 degrees and she was almost completely untrained.. Look out for future Keek the runner… haha mayybee not!

After the race I was super excited as I got to meet my favorite blogger girl, Megan from Runners Kitchen! I have been following Megan’s blog with my friends from run club for the past few months and she is like a celebrity to us. It was so awesome to chat with her over some Dunkin Donuts ( like American Timmy’s) ice coffee, and I got some great insight into the world of blogging as well as some expert running advice. Thanks again Megan!

The rest of my birthday flew by in a whirlwind of fun, drinks, dancing and bowling.. with a side of taco truck at 4 am! I have a feeling 21 may just be the best year yet!…

Another highlight was getting to see my sister and her dance company Pure Motion Entertainment perform at Webster Hall in NYC.. It was very impressive.. check em out! 😉 Overall the entire 5 days were wonderful and I cannot wait to return to NYC sometime soon!..

Here are a few eating related highlights! ( I started out very good with the camera but I started driving my sister crazy, so I put it away when the food came out!)

Cathay Pacific vegetarian meal on flight... great airline!

Awesome salad from local NYC restaurant - Ovelia

Frozen Yogurt!!... there was this times about 10 throughout the trip 🙂

A few of the legal drinks consumed!

Greek Salad

Grilled calamari and pita

Amazing chocolate mousse cake and gelato from Martha's Bakery in Astoria.. I love birthdays!

 My NYC adventure came to an end when I arrived in Vancouver at 3:00am and got a taxi to my lovely home in Kits.. I caught a few hours of shut eye before heading out the door to work at the gym at 11:00… After work, I headed to the RR for some Wednesday Night torture fun, as we ran up to QE Park.. Despite the hot weather and lack of sleep I was running on, it was actually a bearable run ( mostly due to my awesome company.. Care and Evelyn).. EVELYN.. what is your blog!?

Here are the stats from Mr. Garm:

Distance: 11.36km     Time: 1:00:36     Avg: 5:20km     Cals: 800

After post run catch ups I headed to Capers for some groceries, came home, caught up with the roomies and then hit the hay!

Today I am work free ( horrayyy for only 2 jobs!) and  I am going to get caught up on laundry, sort out some school related stuff and hopefully have a skype date with my long lost roomie from Nova Scotia!

Tonight we start hills in the marathon clinic, is it weird that I am excited!?.. I just hope our fearless leader Dave finds us a shady slope!

Have an awesome day 🙂


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2 responses to “New York State of Mind

  1. Hillary

    You’re too cute! Loved the skype date! Gald you were able to fit me into your busy schedule 😉 LOVE your NS Roomie ❤ xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Hillary

    yummmmmm……………. green monsters…. hahah amazing! 😀 xoxoxo

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