Scrambled Sunday.. with a cherrry run on top!

Helllo and happy Sunday!.. I dont know what it is about this day of the week.. ( maybe the am runs with friends, only one shift at work, cooking opportunities.. etc!?).. but I LOVE SUNDAYS! And today was no exception..

The day started off with pre fun fuel in the form of Steady Eddie toast and PB… topped with a bananer of course!

Hard to believe but we are in WEEK 4 of our summer marathon clinic already and today’s Sunday long run took us up and over Queen Elizabeth Park.. A route we did during the Winter clinic and one I remember struggling on! Today’s run however was rather relaxed and enjoyable, and even the rather long climb up to the top of QE wasn’t too gruelling.

Run Route:

Garmin Stats:

Distance: 16.02 Km   Avg Pace: 5:23 km   Cals: 1192

After the enjoyable run today we all gathered at Sbucks on Broadway, which turns out to be Dave’s secret post run meeting place.. it only took us 6 months to find it! I had a China Tips green tea, and Amelia, Carolyn, and Evelyn had their usual java fix! We also munched on the Blissful Blueberry Bran Muffins I made yesterday morning 🙂

After our quick post run gathering, I headed home, jumped in the shower and set out on a mission to have a productive afternoon before heading to Earls for 5:30.. I made this lovely egg scramble which contained; 2 free range eggs, black beans, red onion, tomatoes, broccoli, avocado and red pepper.. and had a side of cute lil brussel sprouts tossed in olive oil and s&p..

It was super tasty and tres filling.. however not as monstrous as it looks in this pic! Veggies can be deceiving!

While I was cooking up the scramble I also prepared two nice looking salads for lunches this week..

After I filled my face finished eating, I did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, took out the garbage and cleaned/organized up my room! I then sat down to blog/fbook  creep and brought these bad boys with me..

I love Cherries! So much so that I probably ate four times the amount shown in the pic.. and no I do not have a sore tummy.. yet anyways!

Other exciting news from this weekend is that my baby cilantro plant is growing like a weed! So proud I am that I havent killed him yet!…

And today’s crop…

Well, I best head off to get some laundry in.. this week is going to be a blur ( working gym am, Earls pm Mon- Wed) and before I know it Thursday will be here.. which means.. I’M GOING TO NYC! I am so excited to reunite with these outrageous beautiful lovebirds..

See you on Monday:)

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  1. I can’t believe I missed Blissful Blueberry Bran Muffins! They sound delicious. Have an awesome time in NYC!!

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