Protein Pancake Flop and Race Preparation


I awoke to sunshine and the never ending grinding sounds from the construction site that is the house behind me however the sun seems to have left us yet again! After a lovely sleep in, I got up and started on a mission to begin the fuelling process for tomorrow’s Scotiabank Half Marathon. As I have reiterated before, I honestly feel very unprepared confident for tomorrow’s race and I am going to make sure all controllable elements are in check.. Ie.. The gut!

I have been wanting to try the Fitnessista’s protein pancakes for a while now, and with a spare hour to cook and a race tomorrow I figured what better an opportunity… haha if only I knew what the end result would be…

Wait.. that looks like my signature PB, Bananer and flax Sammy… haha yes, yes it is..

Soo.. I had a little difficulty with the pancakes.. As my long lost roomie HW can attest.. me and pancakes aren’t the greatest of friends when it comes to creation..


HAHAHA…. And this is what the end product looked like… Lesson learned: Don’t make pancakes in a wok, they won’t work! I tried to save the day (and the expensive Vega Smoothie Infusion in the little buggers!) by baking the whole thing in the oven.. It did turn out somewhat cooked.. but tasted repulsive!!!.. I think I get a -5/10 for my protein pancake attempt.. After I purchase an actual frying pan.. I will try again and maybe with a little less and more flavourful protein powder!

Although after all was said and done, I totally enjoyed my PB and bananer sammy.. Should’ve just stuck with the go to!

Preparation and fuel plans for the rest of the day are going to depend on my enemy best friend these days, WORK!

I am doing 4 hours of promo for Granville Island Brewery from 2-6 and then booking it to Earls for an evening shift ( please please, let me be cut early so I can sleep tonight!).. Taxi with Carolyn and Amelia in it will be picking me up on Broadway at 6:00am for our 7:00 race!

I am thinking maybe a lovely turkey sub from subway for lunchy ( Subway is always my fav pre run meal!… carbssss J) and some quinoa as a late night snack?… We will soon see!

And finally, here are my strategies, thoughts and duds for tomorrow’s race

My motto for tomorrow morning is.. SUCK IT UP!!… It’s only 21 km 🙂

I have been whining and complaining endlessly about how I do not feel ready enough to do the race how I wanted to do it when I signed up, however all of this useless rambling is going to stop! Although it is true that I have been doing more working than running since the BMO Marathon on May 2nd, I still have got in a few quality runs in thre14km plus zone and I know the distance is not the issue.. it’s the little blob I have inside my skull, some call a brain! Back in March/April when I was marathon training we ran a half marathon every Sunday for a month and didn’t blink an eye! I CAN RUN A HALF MARATHON… and with the right attitude tomorrow is going to be a very successful day for me.. And successful doesn’t necessarily mean beating my goal time of 1:45.. But it means giving it everything I’ve got, and enjoying the run.. And I know if I do that, I will beat that time! WOOT WOOT…

And here is what I will be strutting! My good old red short shorts, black lulu top and lucky black hat from the marathon.. And of course Garmy and my beloved lime GU will be along for  the ride 🙂

Have a great afternoon and see you tomorrow for a full race recap! 🙂

What have you done today to make yourself a better runner?

I mentally and organizationally prepared for tomorrow’s race well in advance.. and ATTEMPTED to fuel up with protein pancakes!



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2 responses to “Protein Pancake Flop and Race Preparation

  1. gurrrrl you are going to kick this marathon’s bootay. Love the pre-race outfit… I am eating mini-eggs as pre-race fuel… hmm good idea? See you bright and early!

  2. Andrea

    Thanks for the race outfit preview, now I’ll be able to spot you! You’re going to do awesome!

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