Week 3 – Summer Marathon Clinic and 2 New Recipes!

Hard to believe it but we are in our third week of training at the summer marathon clinic at the Broadway Running Room. Tonight was a lovely and actually rather hot evening and we strolled down to the Cambie Street bridge and back before having an awesome stretching session with a local chiropractor.. To sum it up simply.. I NEED TO START STRETCHING! Luckily, I bought a new pink Lulu yoga mat from the gym yesterday (gotta love and hate staff discounts!) so my goal for the day is to start using it daily!

Garm stats from tonight:

Time: 34:48:33   Distance: 6.67km   Avg: 5.13 km    Cals: 482

Along the quick route tonight I came upon a realization… I was asked by a new clinic member what my goal time for my next marathon was.. and for some reason my mouth spat out 3:33… Don’t ask me why.. However as my last finishing time was 3:35:53.. soo 3:33 sounds like a great doable goal.. And it doesn’t hurt that my sisters and I have always loved the number 3 ( thanks to my former lover Shareef.. haha).. So my new goal for my fall marathon ( location still to be decided.. either Toronto Waterfront, Goodlife Fitness Toronto or perhaps I will make the cross country trek and join my buddies and have my  fam cheer me on at the Victoria International?) is 3:33:33!

Tomorrow’s agenda consists of double duty on the work front (gym am and Earls pm) and no running.. tapering for the Scotiabank Half Marathon on Sunday ( I am TRYING to get myself pumped!).. so just a walk to the gym in the am ( about 5km).. I am going to take it easy on Saturday too.. I figure I havent really trained for this bad boy so if I’m going in with a wing it attitude I may as well have really rested up legs!

I am posting two new recipes that I made today… Aly’s Awesome Hummus.. and Kale and White Bean Soup (from www.wholefoods.com).. CHECK EM OUT;)

Have a great night..

What have you done today to make yourself a better runner?

STRETCH!! for 10 full minutes before bed… and worked on the bloggy!

 Today’s Eats – June 24th ( sorry for no pics!)

1/2 c. quinoa with a chopped banana, cin, nutmeg, cloves and a splash of almond milk

a ripe and juicy nectarine

numerous spoonfuls of freshly made hummus (gotta quality check!)

a in-prompt -tu wrap in a baby whole wheat torilla that consisted on mixed greens, cabbage, feta, red onion, siracha, and hummus

1 big bowl of homemade Kale and White Bean Soup

Post run smoothie: yogurt, almond milk, frozen berries, bananer, hemp oil and Vega Smoothie Infusion

Enormous bowl of cherries 🙂

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