Workless Thursday!

Gooood evening! I hope everyone had an awesome Thursday.. I must say mine flew by, funny how that seems to happen when you have a solo day off!

This morning started off with an enormous bowl of fruit salad and one of my roomie’s mucho delicio homemade muffins…

Afternoon eats consisted of ( unpictured eeek! I went 2/3 today… getting better! ) a small bowl of chic peas and beets, guac and crackers, more fruit salad and of course and assortment of taste trials from my Whole Foods purchases!

Before heading out for my first ( techincally the clinic’s 2nd) night of the B-Way Running Room Marathon Clinic (woot woot!) I attacked this beautiful salad masterpiece and surprisingly enough was able to stash nearly half away for post run refuelling..

She contained : spring mix, cabbage, tomato, yellow pep, chick peas, roasted yams, beets, blob of guac, pumpkin seeds and s &p.. dressed with a little OO &BV … definetly hit the spot!

I best get ready for run time (fingers crossed the rain holds off).. I’ll post Garmin stats, clinic highlights and of course the daily question before bedtime..

Later gators..

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