Juneuary Overnight Oats

Even though it feels as though its winter and warm delicious oatmeal would be ones breakfast of choice, I just cant seem to get on the traditional oatmeal train these days! Therefore, for breaky today I took a little advice from the beloved Runner’s Kitchen blog and made very yummy overnight oats!

Before hitting the hay last night I combined the following in a mid sized container:

– 1/2 cup organic dry rolled oats

– big smattering of flax seeds

– 1 mashed up ripe bananer

– 1/2 cup of almond milk

– 1/8 cup of mixin’s ( leftover chopped up b-fast cookie ingredients such as dried mango, cut up prunes, dates,nuts, and dried cranberries)

– 1 tsp hemp protein powder

– baby dollop of maple penut butter ( from PB & Co!).. mmmmmm

I mixed and mashed everything together well and let sit overnight to be demolished in the am.. And ate a lovely nectarine along side them..

And demolished it was… very tasty and a great health infused alternative to traditional cereal when you are in the mood for a cold oaty wake up call!

Happy Friday Soon to be Afternoon!

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